simple and easy

One tool to measure all energy consumptions and more

ESG-Monitoring according to your needs:
From simple KPI-Reporting to detailed analysis of individual components

Real Time Monitoring

See deviations early and avoid unnecessary Maintanance and Repaircosts.

Resource Optimization

Analyse the Usage of work spaces and meeting rooms and optimize your facility services accordingly.

All KPIs always at hand

Measure your consumption of all your properties. Get informed automatically in case of deviations.

No matter if a single office, a residential complex or a whole real estate portfolio with several buildings: Always be up to date on all your ESG-Numbers


The Sustainability Explorer supports your efforts to fulfill statutory privisions of EU Taxonomy. Through measuring the consumption per property you gather all relevant data for your non-financial reporting.


In addition to Basic: Get alerted autmatically in case of deviations considering the consumption data of your buildings. By so avoid downtimes and reduce repair costs significantly. Due to specific metering points you are able to monitor tenant energy consumptions (Scope 3) individually and visualize them.


In addition to Basic and Standard: Get regular Reports on your current Energy and Water Consumptions down to individual Tenants. This data is the basis for your green lease contract and can be reported down to the specific level of then leased unit. Further you can configure detailed regular reports considering whole portfolios so that you have always an overview and can act specifically it is needed.

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  • Andreas Millonig

    Mag. Andreas Millonig

    CEO & Founder

  • Alexander Redlein

    Ao.Univ.Prof. Dr.
    Alexander Redlein
    (TU Wien, Stanford University)